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Unity is an intuitive and flexible development platform used to author interactive 3D and 2D content, whose mission is to democratize game development.

Unity boasts a thriving community of 1,000,000+ registered developers ranging from large publishers to indie studios, students and hobbyists. As a development platform, it provides out of the box functionality to quickly assemble content and effortlessly publish it to multiple platforms including iOS, Android, PC, Mac, consoles, web, Flash and Chrome’s Native Client technology.

The Unity platform has been adopted by some of industry’s top publishers and developers including Electronic Arts, Nexon and Creative Assembly and is behind best selling video game releases including ShadowGun (Mobile), Battlestar Galactica (PC), Rochard (PlayStation 3) and I am Playr (Facebook).

Unity Games

Unity Games is the distribution business unit of Unity Technologies, created to further the democratization of game development. It’s a service that allows developers bring their high quality video games to mobile phones, tablets, set-top boxes, connected TVs and other emerging platforms.

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  • Unity Engine

    “It was fantastic to work with the team at Arm to optimize Unity for Mali GPUs – they really know how to push the maximum performance of the architectures to the brink” - Oren Tversky, Unity Technologies’ VP Business Development, Unity Games.
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  • Optimized for Mali

    The Unity engine is optimized for Arm Mali platforms which means all Unity games can gain these benefits on mobile devices. These include things like ASTC and local cubemap techniques which you can read more about below.

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Ice Cave


Arm talks through the Ice Cave demo created in the Unity 5 engine at GDC 2015 on the Arm booth in collaboration with Unity.

Ice Cave VR


The video shows the Ice Cave VR demo running on the Samsung Gear VR, this was created in Unity 5. The video demonstrates streaming of the Ice Cave to a second device and the use of a Bluetooth controller as an additional input device.

Unity's first "Vulkan Renderer Preview" recommends the Arm Mali Samsung Galaxy S7

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Unity Vulkan preview
  • DS-5 Development Studio

    Unity games can be optimized with the Arm DS-5 Development Studio to allow efficient hardware analysis of their applications and find bottlenecks.

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  • Mali Graphics Debugger v3
  • Mali Graphics Debugger

    The Mali Graphics Debugger allows Unity developers to trace OpenGL ES API calls in their application and understand frame-by-frame the effect on the application to help identify possible issues.

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