Arm Mali Developer Resources

Jon Kirkham, Senior Software Engineer, Arm

An overview of all the Arm Mali tools available for graphics developers.

Optimization and Debug Tools with PlayCanvas

Jonathan Kirkham, Senior Software Engineer, Arm
Will Eastcott, CEO, PlayCanvas

An introduction to our range of tools that can be used to analyze and optimize games and game engines, with examples from Arm partner, PlayCanvas.  In this example DS-5 Streamline and Graphics Analyzer will be used to examine a WebGL demo running on an Android-based device.

Optimizing your Game for Energy Efficiency

Ronan Synnott, Senior Field Applications Engineer, Arm

In a recent consumer survey, improved battery life topped the list of the most desired smartphone features, a fact that gets highlighted year on year as CPU, GPU, screen density and resolution improve at a rate that battery technology cannot keep up with.

To combat this ever increasing delta, efficiently written apps can get the most out of the battery. With Streamline, Arm has a tool to help you determine which parts of your code are draining the system the most. An overview of the use and capabilities of Streamline.