Advanced Rendering Techniques in Ice Cave

Sylwester Bala, Arm

A look at the techniques used in Unity to create effects in the Ice Cave demo: Light Shafts, Dirty Lens, a Procedural Skybox and more! Includes an in-depth look at the composition of a single frame of the demo.

Real-time GPU-Driven Ocean Rendering

Hans-Kristian Arntzen, Arm

How to efficiently implement realistic agitated ocean water simulation. This case study uses highly parallel Fast Fourier Transform on the GPU, using compute shaders. Two approaches are presented to render the ocean heightmap, using tessellation and a novel LOD scheme.

Arm Mali Demos: Behind the Pixels

Stacy Smith, Arm

A look at the techniques and effects used in two Arm Mali graphics demos, Hauntheim and SeeMore. Making use of OpenGL®ES 3.0, both demos use radically different lighting techniques to achieve a varied look and feel. The presentation then takes a deep dive into the specifics of using parts of the OpenGL ES 3.0 feature set, such as new frame-buffer formats for high-dynamic-range textures and deferred lighting. 

Arm Mali Sample Codes

Sylwester Bala, Arm

This presentation covers several example codes, including high-computing cloth simulation, EGL fence for thread synchronization, particle effects, high quality text rendering and fur simulation.