Common HPC applications working on Arm.


Here you can find porting recipes for some common benchmarks and applications on AArch64. For a complete list of validated recipes for application and library porting to AArch64, see the Porting and Tuning page.

There is also the Arm GitLab repository where you can find many more application porting recipes which are contributed and maintained by the community.


  • The instructions found in the Arm GitLab repository are example instructions only.
  • The Arm GitLab repository is maintained by Arm, but is community driven so anyone can join and contribute.

Porting Guides

For more step by step information about how to port your own codes to Arm, then optimize them, see:

  • Porting and Optimizing HPC Applications for Arm

    Discusses the tools Arm offers to help you port your codes, some step-by-step information about how to approach a code porting task, provides a compiler comparison for new Arm Compiler for Linux users, and includes some useful information about coding for Neon.

  • Porting and Optimizing HPC Applications for Arm SVE

    This guide compiles the HPC-relevant information about the Scalable Vector Extension (SVE) for AArch64 that will be useful to help you understand it, then prepare and test your code to utilize it. It also discusses SVE Vector Length Agnostic programming, includes some generic vector and matrix operation examples, and introduces Arm Instruction Emulator.


Chemistry and materials

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

High-energy physics

Weather and climate

Benchmarks and mini-apps