Communications libraries


A high performance and widely portable implementation of the Message Passing Interface (MPI) standard.

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The MVAPICH2 software, based on MPI 3.1 standard, delivers the best performance, scalability and fault tolerance for high-end computing systems and servers using InfiniBand, Omni-Path, Ethernet/iWARP, and RoCE networking technologies.


OmpSs programming model, an effort by Barcelona Supercomputer Center, extends OpenMP with new directives to support asynchronous parallelism and heterogeneity (devices like GPUs).

Open MPI

An open source MPI implementation that is developed and maintained by a consortium of academic, research, and industry partners.

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Open MPI with OpenUCX

Provides collaboration between industry, laboratories, and academia to create an open-source production grade communication framework for data centric and high‑performance applications.

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Parallel IO


Hierarchical Data Format (HDF) is a set of file formats designed to store and organize large and complex data sets together with API's for Fortran, C, and others.


NetCDF is a set of software libraries and self-describing, machine-independent data formats that support the creation, access, and sharing of array-oriented scientific data.

Parallel NetCDF

Parallel NetCDF is a parallel IO library for accessing NetCDF files in CDF-1, 2, and 5 formats.