HPC Presentations

A collection of presentations delivered over the past 12 months by Arm staff and partners at international events, and during live webinars hosted by Arm.

Presentations from the Arm Research Summit held in Austin, Texas, September 15-18, 2019.

Workshop | Arm HPC User Group | BoF  

The key objectives of this workshop is to gather expertise from various research groups (runtime systems, linear algebra, operating system, performance modelling …) to discuss key features and shape next-generation applications.

Topic Presenter
Arm Enabling innovation across all compute continuum. Filippo Spiga, Arm
FFTW on Arm architectures with SVE. Romain Dolbeau, ATOS
Porting the HICMA linear algebra library on Arm platforms. Hatem Ltaief, Kaust
Update on the European Processor Initiative. Yingchih Yang, EPI
Porting Experience on ARM Architecture. Marc Perache, CEA
Arm ready for large-scale HPC procurements? Dirk Pleiter, Jülich Supercomputing Center
Pre-exascale Architectures: ARM Performance and Usability Assessment for French Scientific Community. Christelle Piechurski, Genci
The Arm architecture in HPC: from mobile phones to the Top500. Filippo Mantovani, BSC
Arm HPC User Group


Topic Presenter
To be confirmed John Linford, Arm
An Introduction to HPC @ Linaro. Elsie Wahlig, Linaro
To be confirmed Thomas Boenisch, HLRS
Performance Characterisation of HPC Mini-apps on Arm SVE. Andrei Poenaru, University of Bristol
Containers, Programming Environments, and ARM: oh my! Andrew Younge, SNL
Early Experience of the Arm-based High-Performance Computing Eco-System w/ HPC Benchmarks and Applications. JaeHyuk Kwack, ANL
Exploring Vectorizability of DOE Proxy Applications using the ARMv8 SVE Instruction Set. Howard Pritchard, LANL
Portable Software-Based Power Management on ARM. Aniruddha Marathe, LLNL, and Jeff Booher-Kaeding, Arm
HPCG Preliminary Evaluation on A64FX. Tetsuya Odajima, RIKEN R-CCS
Using ArmIE for HPC Codesign and Benchmarking. Jeffrey Young, GATech
To be confirmed John Shalf, LBNL
To be confirmed Yingchih Yang, EPI/SiPearl

Birds of a Feather session.

Topic Presenter
MPI Performance Analysis (Download presentation) Michele Weiland, EPCC
Catalyst Update (Download presentation) Simon Burbridge, University of Bristol
Reflections from Isambard and Catalyst (Download presentation) Simon McIntosh-Smith, University of Bristol
Catalyst at Leicester Thomas Kappas, Leicester