A light bulb going off representing innovation.

Development hardware

Get started by picking the right hardware development platform to fit your needs.

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A wheel that transfers motion (cog).

Development software and resources

Develop on Arm-based platforms by utilizing a range of software and cloud development resources.

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High performance computing.

Open-source projects

Arm and Arm partners are active contributors to Linux® and numerous open-source projects and initiatives, to enable new hardware capabilities and optimize networking infrastructure performance.

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Systems supporting the main system.

Works on Arm

Works on Arm is a collaborative project to expand the ecosystem for Armv8 in the datacenter.

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If you have specific Arm Infrastructure Developer Community questions, please contact us at askaidc@arm.com

Server System Architecture

Arm architecture covers a wide range of products, across many market segments, from embedded control, to mobile, to servers.

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