Development hardware


Cavium Thunder X

The ThunderX® product family provides the best-in-class 64-bit Armv8 Data Center and Cloud Processors, offering unprecedented level of integration and industry-leading SoC performance. Additional product information can be found here.

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Reference Design Boards

Marvell MacchiatoBin Community Board

This board is targeted for OpenDataPlane (ODP), OpenFastPath (OFP) and NFV Arm Ecosystems, and provides an optimal environment for developers and Independent Software Vendors to develop Arm-based virtualized network functions (VNFs).  Additional product information can be found here.

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Marvell ESPRESSObin Community Board

The Marvell ESPRESSObin Community Board, powered by the dual-core ARMADA 3700, is a high-performance and cost efficient 64-bit dual-core networking computing platform based on Armv8 architecture.

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NXP QorIQ® Layerscape Processors Based on Arm Cores

The QorIQ portfolio extends performance from the smallest form factor, power-constrained networking and industrial applications to new virtualized networks and embedded systems requiring an advanced datapath and network peripheral interfaces.

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Reference Design board for QorIQ Layerscape LS1012A

Layerscape LS1043A Reference Design Board

Layerscape LS1046A Reference Design Board

QorIQ Layerscape 1043A and QorIQ LS1046A Multicore Communications Processor Broadband Home Router Application Solutions Kit

Tower System for LS1021A

Time-Sensitive Networking for Industrial IoT Reference Design based on Layerscape LS1021A

IoT Gateway Reference Design based on Layerscape LS1021A

Layerscape LS2088A Reference Design Board

A wheel that transfers motion (cog).

Development software and resources

Develop on Arm-based platforms by utilizing a range of software and cloud development resources.

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High performance computing.

Open-source projects

Arm and Arm partners are active contributors to Linux® and numerous open-source projects and initiatives, to enable new hardware capabilities and optimize networking infrastructure performance.

Open-source projects
Systems supporting the main system.

Works on Arm

Works on Arm is a collaborative project to expand the ecosystem for Armv8 in the datacenter.

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