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Core Network Dynamics

Core Network Dynamics develops and markets OpenEPC, a complete implementation of the EPC (Evolved Packet Core) with support for 4G(LTE)/3G/2G/wifi using modularized components.

Target markets include:

  • Carriers designing next-generation mobile networks using SDN/NFV.
  • First responder and public safety organizations requiring a secure private LTE network compatible with off-the-shelf smartphones.
  • Companies operating in remote areas where mobile coverage is patchy or non-existent.
  • Advanced Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) concepts to implement distributed core networks including support mesh backhaul.

CND licenses the source code of OpenEPC to OEM partners which integrate the code into custom solutions for public safety or IoT applications.

“For CND, the Arm platforms are increasingly important, in particular for our OEM partners building distributed private LTE networks for public safety, IIoT and rural communications. In the extreme, our core network software (OpenEPC) runs on the same SoC as the cell and all of it on a battery-powered system where the Arm platforms deliver unmatched performance at lowest power consumption. The collaboration with Arm for optimizing OpenEPC was essential and we very much appreciate the collaboration on both technical and marketing level. The Arm ecosystem is a great way for CND to increase our exposure to potential customers and OEM partners; it is proving to be a valuable route to market for OpenEPC."

Carsten Brinkschulte, CEO Core Network Dynamics GmbH


OpenEPC is a complete, scalable, but very resource-efficient implementation of the EPC, enabling core mobile network to be deployed in very resource-constrained environments. As an example, CND has shown the complete OpenEPC running on a Raspberry Pi, connected to an LTE cell, providing streaming video to several standard LTE handsets. Based on OpenEPC, advanced distributed core networks can be implemented to create a fleet of autonomous mobile networks with a mesh backhaul for public safety and next-generation mobile networks.