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Enea is a global supplier of network software platforms and expert services to companies that develop communication-intensive products for the connected society. The software portfolio is often tailored to large-scale customer-specific use cases, where its services capabilities and expertise are just as important as its products.

Every day, more than three billion people around the globe rely on Enea’s technologies in a wide range of applications in multiple verticals – from Telecom and Automotive, to Medical and Avionics. Enea has offices in Europe, North America and Asia.

Arm and Enea have formed a strategic partnership, driving the development and adoption of virtualization software platforms to the Arm architecture. Enea also has well-established relationships with the major Arm licensees, and a strong commitment to work together with them and with Arm as a key contributor in the open-source community, developing and hardening optimal software solutions.

Enea is a top contributor to OPNFV with focus on enabling Arm as a hardware architecture. In 2015, Enea did the initial bring up of OPNFV for Arm hardware, and is one of the founding member of the OPNFV subproject Arm Band.

“As we enter a new era of network virtualization reaching the network edge, we are proud to be in a central position in the ecosystem around Arm-based NFV solutions. We bring NFV to Arm through our Enea NFV Edge solutions, providing optimized and deployment-ready NFV platforms for Core and Access nodes. To enable customers to evaluate NFV on Arm, we host the largest OPNFV Pharos lab for Arm servers in the world. Our NFV platform for Arm devices has gained a lot of momentum and shows that the Arm community is capable of delivering deployment ready solutions. Enea NFV Edge provides key components, leveraging the efficiency of the Arm architecture to lower both costs and power consumption for network functions.”

Karl Mörner, Senior Vice President Product Management at Enea


NFVI software

Enea NFV Edge is an OPNFV and OpenStack based NFV infrastructure offered to telecom operators, service providers, and equipment manufacturers. It enables virtualization of network functions in the edge and on customer premise equipment. The NFVI solutions are hardened to provide carrier-grade reliability. Integration, configuration, and validation makes them ready to be deployed on Arm-based hardware.

Enea NFV Lab

Enea NFV Lab provides a rich set of NFV-ready Arm-based hardware used for assembling infrastructure configurations to enable real-world VNF deployments, or even fully-fledged carrier-grade NFV platforms.

Within the NFV lab, Enea hosts an Arm-based Pharos community lab. It is a compliant set of test infrastructure used by the community to verify OPNFV reference platforms and tools.

VNF management agent

Enea Element On-Device-Management is a management agent with NETCONF and YANG for virtual network functions. It provides standardized northbound interfaces for configuration and monitoring.

Management and orchestration

Enea ElementCenter is a framework for model-driven network and element management systems.


Enea is a Linux Foundation Authorized Training Partner. Trainings are available for many different topics, including Linux development, Real-Time and applied programming, and virtualization.


Enea provides services to architect, install, configure and optimize products, and components for customer lab environments. Tailored services are offered for deployment and optimizations through the global professional services organization.