Telco Systems NFVTime drives mass-scale, highly-distributed deployments of virtualized and cloud-native applications on Arm architecture. It provides the operating-system and hypervisor bringing developers a powerful yet easy-to-use platform for uCPE, IoT, and edge cloud services. Backed by a strong strategic partnership with Arm and its SoC partners, NFVTime offers a broad ecosystem of whiteboxes, Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) and Cloud Native Network Functions (CNFs) . It continually expands to new SD-WAN, connectivity, security, IoT and other solutions with the help of the development community.

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NFVTime is complete, service-ready, plug and play environment that expedites development and automates deployment and operation of NFV and cloud-native services. This solution includes service lifecycle management and operational tools for multi-service deployments.

With NFVTime, service providers can quickly and easily deploy scalable, tailored on-demand managed services, on and off-net.

Main Features:

  • Complete service environment for virtualized and containerized services for uCPE, IoT gateways & edge computing environments.
  • Large-scale, distributed deployments with centralized management & orchestration on any Arm-based whitebox.
  • Fully automated lifecycle management including , zero touch provisioning.
  • Optimized performance designed to run multiple services with high throughput even on low-cost devices.
  • Flexible deployment models support both local and centralized controller configurations with a standard, open northbound interface.


The heart of the NFVTime is a thin and robust NFVi-OS that turns any Arm-based white box, low or high resources, to a fully operational uCPE. Developers can take advantage of the small footprint and design optimized platform to extract superior performance. It is the perfect solution for developer and operators seeking to accelerate development and deployment of carrier-class solutions for business or metro environments.  

The major NVFTime-OS building blocks include:

  • Open vSwitch (OVS) is used as the virtual networking component.
  • Selected OpenStack components: NFVTime OS is based on various OpenStack components to allow support uCPE lifecycle, security and manageability of the uCPE.
  • Control plane apps provide enhancements for routing and forwarding of management traffic within the uCPE, as well as monitoring and testing for all traffic.
  • uCPE lifecycle management apps provide additional functions including security, uCPE health monitoring, home calling and remote upgrade agent. 

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NFVTime Central

NFVTime Central is a complete remote management, monitoring, trouble shooting, and control system for modern NFV edge deployments. It features graphic service designer, zero touch provisioning, disaster recovery (backup/restore) and uCPE controller for Arm-based devices and services deployed with the NFVTime solution.

Key features:

  • uCPE and VNF Deployment automation
  • Graphic service designer
  • Device and service monitoring
  • uCPE zero touch provisioning management
  • VNF service LCM operations
  • VIM (OpenStack) controller
  • uCPE backup, restore and hardware replacement
  • VNF automatic service chain deployment
  • Advanced dashboard
  • VNF on-boarding
  • Easy integration through RESTFUL northbound interface

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