As part of Equinix — the world’s digital infrastructure company — Equinix Metal provides automated & interconnected bare metal infrastructure.

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Arm and Equinix have a long-standing partnership to make powerful Armv8 bare metal infrastructure — including latest generation of Ampere systems — available to the open-source software ecosystem to build, test, and optimize for Arm64 architecture. The Ampere Altras are available in single socket (80 cores, 256GB RAM, 1TB NVMe U.2 SSD) and dual socket (160 cores, 512GB RAM, 2TB NVMe U.2 SSD) configurations where Ampere eMags are available in a single socket (32 cores, 128GB RAM, 480GB SSD) configuration.

Under this initiative the program provides free access to state-of-the-art computing resources for software developers supporting a wide variety of projects with a special focus on build systems, languages, and cloud native applications. A common use-case for these resources is to use the hardware for public CI by setting up self-hosted runners. The on-demand infrastructure resource is managed by Equinix Metal as part of its commitment to the Arm ecosystem. 

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Enabling developers

These Equinix Arm-based bare metal servers offered through the Works on Arm program enable developers globally to collaborate on a wide variety of open-source projects.

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