miniNodes is an Arm-centric innovation, prototyping, research, and development, consulting, and experimentation organization

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miniNodes is an Arm Innovation and Ideation engineering company, focused on Arm compute platforms. Over the past decade, miniNodes has provided thought leadership and ecosystem building, exploring topics such as clustered computing on small form-factor Arm devices, building the world’s first IoT, edge, and cloud proof-of-concept running entirely on Arm platforms, showing off the energy efficiency of Arm Servers, and advocating for standards to help ease the burden of booting Arm devices.

In addition, miniNodes has built and maintained a small hosting infrastructure for several years that provides low-cost, low-power Arm devices on a public IPv4 internet connection for developers and enthusiasts to run small servers. Primarily consisting of Raspberry Pis and Nvidia Jetson Nanos, this public-facing service has allowed miniNodes to engage with the community, gather feedback from Arm developers, and discover the pain points of providing cloud-native services on Arm (in order to help make the experience better for everyone).

Other projects that miniNodes has explored over the past year have been the re-distribution of workloads back from the cloud, out to edge servers closer to users, the application of AI and machine learning on small Arm-powered devices, autonomous vehicles and the software-defined vehicle, and robotics and rovers in both simulated and real-world environments. miniNodes intersects with most of the areas that Arm compute plays a role, providing a unique perspective on the ecosystem of hardware and software.

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