Debug your microcontroller application with these resources that are selected by Arm engineers. Improve code performance and reduce power consumption while easily debugging your code.


Software analysis with event annotations

This white paper explains how to use the Keil Event Recorder for software analysis. Finding bugs at the instruction level is unmanageable. This is because devices lack trace pins, operate at high speed, or have multi-core processors. Event annotations can be used to analyze the dynamic operation and the timing of complex software stacks on Arm Cortex-M systems during execution.


Software analysis of complex Cortex-M applications

This webinar shows how to analyze complex Cortex-M software applications with the Keil MDK Event Recorder, and without partner’s Percepio’s Tracealyzer. In complex embedded applications, it can be difficult to find the root cause of reduced performance or incorrect program operation without knowing where to place breakpoints or triggers.

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Debugging a network performance issue

In complex embedded applications, it can be difficult to find a root cause for reduced performance or incorrect program operation. This application note shows how Event Recorder and Keil MDK can be used to analyze the program execution, and locate the root cause for poor performance in a real network example.

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Analyze memory access issues

Debugging memory problems is not an easy task. This example in this application note uses WiFi to communicate with a server. During wireless communication, an error occurs that cannot be explained easily. We show how the error can be debugged using functionality that is built in to Arm Keil MDK.

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Energy optimization of a battery-powered device

Optimizing embedded applications for overall efficiency is an integral part of the development process. This application note describes the power consumption analysis of an L-Tek FF1502 Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacon with ULINKplus. Learn to analyze the battery lifetime of an application running on the beacon, by using the ULINKplus debug adapter. The adapter and Arm Keil MDK enable high-precision power analysis.

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Using the Event Recorder to identify timing and power consumption bottlenecks

Annotate your application code with events that provide detailed statistics about execution timing and energy consumption.

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Validate your IoT system with Keil MDK

Arm software components and development tools can help you validate IoT end-node device security, analyze timing behaviour and optimize overall power consumption.

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