Arm and partners provide support and integration for a range of open source languages and libraries for your IoT development.

Explore these libraries and programming languages: from low-level languages for small, low-power devices, to high-level languages for devices with more computing power, and libraries that ensure portable, performant and secure code.

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Python and MicroPython

Python is popular for DSP and ML development. A variant is MicroPython that can be used to program microcontrollers.

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A fast, flexible and memory-efficient programming language for IoT devices.

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Go and TinyGo are programming languages that makes it easier to build simple and reliable software. Get started on your project with the Go and TinyGo resources.

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C is a popular language for embedded systems that gives you full control and access to all the underlying hardware features. Get started and use C in your next project.

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C++ has a similar syntax to C and allows you to take advantage of the object-oriented paradigm. Learn more and get started with useful resources on C++.

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The Cortex Microcontroller Software Interface Standard (CMSIS) provides a common software interface between Cortex processors and device peripherals.

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Machine learning libraries


The CMSIS-NN open source software library is a collection of optimized neural network kernels for Cortex-M based devices.

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Arm Compute Library

The Arm Compute Library contains optimized low-level functions for Arm Cortex processors and Mali GPUs targeting machine learning applications.

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