Rust is a safe, fast and community-supported language

Rust is portable and flexible and enables you to target embedded systems and high-level server-side concurrent programming. Watch this video to understand the philosophy of Rust from one of its core developers.

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Rust for beginners

For low-level programming, use Rust in the same way that you use C. Rust provides a run-time safety guarantee which ensures that there are no memory management issues. This guide introduces Rust through the BBC micro:bit.

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IoT project

Explore an intermediate-level Rust project with a Raspberry Pi in which you write a program to control LEDs and a buzzer.

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Embedded systems

Use this official Rust guide to develop your next firmware project using an Arm-based STM32F3-DISCOVERY board.

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Advanced features

This guide describes advanced concurrency, mathematics, networking, and algorithms in Rust. The guide includes recipes for common problems in these domain areas.

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Rust resources