Canonical publishes Ubuntu, an embedded Linux platform for industrial, smart display, robotics, automotive and networking use cases.

Ubuntu comes with a broad range of board support and a very large developer ecosystem. As a developer you can choose Ubuntu Server, the version of Ubuntu with long-term support, or Ubuntu Core, a confined version of Ubuntu with transactional updates, OTA security updates, optional full disk encryption and integrated app store. Ubuntu also enables you to satisfy compliance requirements with automatic tracking of Ubuntu component licenses and monitoring of your app packages.

Get started on a Raspberry Pi

Learn how to install Ubuntu Server on a Raspberry Pi in a few easy steps.

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Embedded Linux

Ubuntu Core delivers a scalable and reliable over-the-air update mechanism to selectively upgrade any element of your software stack, Learn how to leverage the latest kernel, bootloader, root filesystem and security features.

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Ubuntu for IoT

Ubuntu runs on popular boards with Arm Cortex-A processors like the Raspberry Pi, the Qualcomm DragonBoard and others. Pick your board and quickly get started to develop your application on Arm with Ubuntu for IoT.

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Securely manage and update Arm devices through either a branded Appstore or a private application repository.

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