Embedded Studio by SEGGER is a fully integrated IDE for C and C++ development optimized for Arm based embedded devices. 

Embedded Studio is available for free, for non-commercial use on your favourite operating system. This tool comes with an optimized compiler and it supports the Arm Compiler, GCC and LLVM. Embedded Studio can debug simple systems, and complex systems with J-Link, including version control features to ease the deployment of applications.

Get started on an Arm Cortex-M4 based emPower development board
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CPU support packages

Build a sample project on a Cortex-M4 based board, using the CMSIS-Core library.

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Optimized code

Incorporate the optimized CMSIS libraries and use the SEGGER runtime library, a C runtime library, designed for Cortex-M processors. The SEGGER runtime library has a small footprint, and optimized low-level functions for Arm. It also exposes useful APIs that can leverage optimized routines.

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J-Trace is optimized for Arm-based processors, with streaming trace and live analysis capabilities. Use J-Trace Pro to analyze, test, and profile your code with your external debugger.

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Embedded Studio resources