IAR Embedded Workbench is a complete IDE for Arm based microcontrollers providing everything you need in a single tool

IAR Embedded Workbench generates compact and performant code for Arm-based applications.

The IDE includes IAR C/C++ compiler and debugger. If you are building a safety critical application, you can utilize the functional safety certified versions of the tool. Arm works closely with IAR Systems to simplify the development of secure, fast, and power-efficient Arm-based applications. 

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Use CMSIS-Pack to develop on your Arm based board. CMSIS-Pack includes a board support package for Cortex-M based boards, and several example projects.

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Digital signal processing

This guide explains how to use CMSIS-DSP libraries with the IAR Embedded Workbench for Arm. The guide includes an example of performing an FFT on an Arm Cortex-M processor.

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IAR Embedded Workbench allows developers to create reliable, secure, and efficient TrustZone-based applications. Learn a secure development workflow using IAR Embedded Workbench and the security development tool, C-Trust.

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