TRACE32 is a software tool that can assist you with real-time debugging of your Arm based system.

TRACE32 can debug any Cortex-based designs and uses Arm CoreSight to help with real-time debugging. TRACE32 is compiler and operating system agnostic, allowing the best fit component, assured of compatibility. Arm works closely with Lauterbach to help developers easily debug their applications.


With Arm TrustZone and TRACE32, you can access and debug hypervisors, operating systems, middleware, device drivers and your applications in both Secure and Non-secure worlds. Any part of the system can be viewed from anywhere.

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Arm processors can generate trace data, which is a fundamental feature to reduce the debug time. TRACE32 provides tools for both parallel and serial real-time trace for Arm. The trace tools can be used with Secure and Non-secure worlds and hypervisor-based systems, allowing for extremely detailed analysis of running code, the production of profiling and code coverage reports to accredited industry standards.

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Code coverage

TRACE32 can derive code coverage directly from the Arm-ETM program trace. It is possible to analyze the coverage data with various level of details, like asm, in line, function, file, and program. Code coverage data can also be exported as XML to assist with gaining relevant functional safety certifications.

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