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Software development is the key to advancing Artificial Intelligence (AI). From machine learning frameworks to deep architectural improvements, Arm is creating the tools you need to bring your best solutions to market. Click the links below to discover how Arm empowers your machine learning projects.

Machine Learning frameworks

Developing machine learning and neural network applications has never been easier. High-quality frameworks and libraries are available, enabling developers to express their ideas and implement machine learning applications.

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Arm libraries and SDKs

Arm provides several software products to maximize your machine learning applications' performance and minimize time-to-market:

  • Arm Performance Libraries.
  • Compute Library. A convenient repository of low-level optimized functions that developers can source to accelerate their algorithms and applications on Arm.
  • DSP Extensions for Arm. The Arm DSP instruction set extensions increase the DSP processing capability of Arm solutions in high-performance applications.
  • Keil MDK. DS-5 gives you a core set of tools for efficient and reliable application development.

Architecture and Tools

  • Compilers. Making your C/C++ code run efficiently on Arm processors has been our mission for over 25 years.
  • CMSIS-NN. CMSIS enables consistent device support and simple software interfaces.
  • DS-5 Development Studio. DS-5 gives you a core set of tools for efficient and reliable application development.
  • DynamIQ. DynamIQ technology redefines the multi-core microarchitecture for the industry and is the foundation for future Arm Cortex-A processors.
  • NEON. Arm NEON technology is an advanced SIMD architecture that is great for many applications such as image processing, computer vision, and machine learning.
  • SVE. SVE is the next-generation SIMD instruction set for the Arm architecture.

How-to guides

Explore our how-to guides and learn how you can develop machine learning applications using Arm-based products and tools.

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