Add an operator to the Arm NN source code

If you would like to share your Arm NN operator with the rest of the Arm NN community, you must add the operator to the Arm NN source code.

If you would like to have your new operator added to the Arm NN source code, you must submit your changes for code review. All code reviews are performed on the Linaro ML Platform. For this platform, you require GitHub account credentials to create an account. You must then configure your username and user email to be able to have your patch signed off when you submit it.

Enter the following commands to configure your name and email:

cd armnn // Top level of the Arm NN repository
git config your@email.address

Enter the following commands to commit using sign off and to push your patch for code review:

git commit -s
git push origin HEAD:refs/for/master

Your patch is now on the ML Platform Gerrit.  Your patch requires a +1 verified from CI testing and verification, and a +2 from a reviewer, before it can be merged. Core contributors from the Arm NN team can give +2 or -2 reviews and submit code. All other contributors can give +1, 0, -1 code reviews.

After your patch is reviewed, verified, and submitted, the patch gets merged to the Arm NN Master branch and it is available for anyone to use.

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