We have found some common errors that users face and have listed them here to help you get started with your application as quickly as possible.

Mbed CLI issues or Error: collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status

Purge the cache with the following command:

mbed cache purge

You probably also have a stale BUILD folder. Clean up your directory and try again:

rm -rf BUILD


Error: Prompt wrapping around line

If your terminal wraps your text as shown here:

Error prompt wrapping around line image

In your terminal type:

export PS1='\u@\h: '

For a more minimalist approach, type:

export PS1='> '


Error: "Requires make version 3.82 or later (current is 3.81)"

If you encounter this error, install the brew and make by typing the following code:

ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"
brew install make


On a Mac, you might have to use gmake instead of make, to run your commands.


Error: -bash: mbed: command not found

If you encounter this error, try the following fixes.

For Mac:

We recommend using the installer and running the downloaded Mbed CLI App. This app automatically launches a shell with all the dependencies solved for you.

If installed manually, make sure to follow these instructions.

Mbed CLI chip image

"sed" errors while generating micro speech project

If you encounter the following error while in the Build and compile micro speech example section while generating micro speech project:
sed: 1: "tensorflow/lite/micro/t ...": undefined label 'ensorflow/lite/micro/tools/make/downloads/cmsis/CMSIS/RTOS2/Include/cmsis_os2.h'
sed: 1: "tensorflow/lite/micro/t ...": undefined label 'ensorflow/lite/micro/tools/make/downloads/cmsis/CMSIS/RTOS2/Include/os_tick.h'
sed: 1: "tensorflow/lite/micro/t ...": undefined label 'ensorflow/lite/micro/tools/make/downloads/cmsis/CMSIS/RTOS2/Source/os_tick_gtim.c'
sed: 1: "tensorflow/lite/micro/t ...": undefined label 'ensorflow/lite/micro/tools/make/downloads/cmsis/CMSIS/RTOS2/Source/os_systick.c'

add "LC_CTYPE=C" tag when compiling the project:

LC_CTYPE=C make -f tensorflow/lite/micro/tools/make/Makefile TARGET=mbed TAGS="disco_f746ng" generate_micro_speech_mbed_project
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