Before you begin

Your platform or board must have:

  • An ARMv7-A or ARMv8-A CPU, and optionally an Arm Mali GPU using the OpenCL driver.
  • At least 4GB of RAM.
  • At least 1GB of free storage space.

    Before you configure and build your environment, you must install the following tools on your platform or board:

  • A Linux distribution.
  • Git.
  • SCons. Arm has tested SCons 2.4.1 (Ubuntu) and 2.5.1 (Debian). Other versions might work.
  • CMake. Arm has tested CMake 3.5.1 (Ubuntu) and 3.7.2 (Debian). Other versions might work.

These instructions assume that you use Ubuntu 16.04 or Debian 9.0, but should work on most Linux distributions. Arm tests the Arm NN SDK on Ubuntu and Debian.

Duration: We estimate that you will need about 90-120 minutes to complete the instructions in this guide.

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