Build the Google protobuf library

Protocol Buffers, also known as protobuf, are Google's language-neutral, platform-neutral, extensible mechanism for serializing structured data. The ONNX files are generated using protobuf to serialize their ONNX model data. This means that Arm NN needs to use protobuf to load and interpret the ONNX files.

Build protobuf using the C++ installation instructions that you can find on the protobuf GitHub.

For example:

$ cd $BASEDIR/protobuf
$ git submodule update --init --recursive
$ ./
$ ./configure --prefix=$BASEDIR/protobuf-host
$ make

Arm has tested version 3.5.2. Other versions might work, too.

Duration: About 15 minutes.

Next, copy the built program and its libraries and documentation, to the correct locations using this command:

$ make install
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