Build the Arm Compute Library

The Arm Compute Library is a machine learning library. It provides a set of functions that are optimized for both Arm CPUs and GPUs. The Arm Compute Library is used directly by Arm NN to optimize the running of machine learning workloads on Arm CPUs and GPUs.

To build the Arm Compute Library on your platform or board, open a terminal or bash screen and go to the Arm Compute Library directory:

$ cd $BASEDIR/ComputeLibrary

Compile the Arm Compute Library using SCons. To do this, change your directory to the Arm Compute Library Git repository on your machine. To do this for Armv7-A, enter this command:

$ scons extra_cxx_flags="-fPIC" benchmark_tests=0 validation_tests=0

Or for an Armv8-A system, enter this command:

$ scons arch=arm64-v8a extra_cxx_flags="-fPIC" benchmark_tests=0 validation_tests=0

Duration: About 15-20 minutes.

If you want to enable benchmark tests, set benchmark_tests to 1. If you want to enable validation tests, set validation_tests to 1.

You can enable support for OpenCL on an Arm Mali GPU if you have one.

If you want to support OpenCL for your Arm Mali GPU, add these arguments to the SCons command:

opencl=1 embed_kernels=1

You can enable support for NEON on the CPU. To support NEON, add this argument to your SCons command:

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