Setting up the build dependencies

The Arm NN SDK relies on some software, which you must set up and install.

To set up the build dependencies:

  1. Download and build Boost. Arm has tested version 1.64. Some other versions might work. For instructions to do this, see the Boost getting started guide . When you build Boost, include the following flags:
    link=static cxxflags=-fPIC --with-filesystem --with-test --with-log --with-program_options --prefix=path/to/installation/prefix
  2. Clone and build protobuf. Arm has tested version 3.5.0. Some other versions might work. To clone version 3.5.0, enter:
    git clone –b v3.5.0
    Build protobuf using the C++ installation instructions that you can find on the Protobuf GitHub. Make a note of the location of the installation, you will need it during the TensorFlow build process.
  3. Clone the TensorFlow source code from GitHub. To do this, see the TensorFlow GitHub.
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