Setting up the build dependencies

The Arm NN SDK relies on some software, which you must set up and install.

To set up the build dependencies:

  1. Download and build Boost. Arm has tested version 1.64. Some other versions might work. For instructions to do this, see the Boost getting started guide . When you build Boost, include the following flags:
    link=static cxxflags=-fPIC --with-filesystem --with-test --with-log --with-program_options --prefix=path/to/installation/prefix
  2. Clone and build protobuf. Arm has tested version 3.5.0. Some other versions might work. To clone version 3.5.0, enter:
    git clone –b v3.5.0
    Build protobuf using the C++ installation instructions that you can find on the Protobuf GitHub. Make a note of the location of the installation, you will need it during the TensorFlow build process.
  3. Clone the TensorFlow source code from GitHub with this command:   
    git clone 
    cd tensorflow/ 
    git checkout 590d6eef7e91a6a7392c8ffffb7b58f2e0c8bc6b
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