Downloading the repositories and bundles

Create a directory on your virtual machine to build your Arm NN distribution for your Raspberry Pi. 

To create a directory and build your distribution:

  1. Enter the following commands:

    mkdir armnn-pi && cd armnn-pi
    export BASEDIR=`pwd`
  2. Download the Compute Library, Boost, Protobuf, TensorFlow, and Arm NN git repositories and source bundles. To download the repositories and bundles, enter the following commands:

    git clone 
    git clone
    tar xf boost_1_64_0.tar.bz2
    git clone -b v3.5.0
    git clone
    cd tensorflow/
    git checkout 590d6eef7e91a6a7392c8ffffb7b58f2e0c8bc6b
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