Before you begin

This is a technical deployment walkthrough using Ubuntu 16.04, so some familiarity with the command-line, Linux package managers, and SSH is assumed. No knowledge of machine learning is necessary.

The installations and builds that are described in this guide can take several hours to undertake, but once installed the service will be up and running very quickly.

Ensure that your PC has a working microphone as you will need to record your voice for the transcription service to work.

Before you start this guide, you need to create an account at Your account may take some time to be verified and costs $1 to create. Once your account is verified, you need to do the following before you can deploy an Arm server:

  1. Create a new project.
  2. Generate an SSH keys pair and add the public key to your project. This allows you to login securely to the server. Follow these instructions on how to do this.

Packet is a paid-for cloud-based computing service which provides bare-metal servers. You will need to provide payment details on sign-up. We'll be using the Type 2A server (Cavium Thunder X), which costs $0.50 as of April 2018. The computing cost for this guide is approximately $3.

Note: To stop incurring fees on, you need to delete the server. If you shut it down or turn it off you will still incur charges. When you have finished this guide, ensure that you delete the server. 

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