Build basic camera application

On your Linux machine:

cd ~/CMSISNN_Webinar/cmsisnn_demo
mbed add 
mbed add 

To change to a stable Mbed build, open the mbed.bld file and replace the first line with this line:

Get all the required Mbed libraries:

mbed deploy

Clone the Arm Github repository that also contains the example camera application:

cd ~/CMSISNN_Webinar/
git clone

Let's test the image acquisition application:

cd cmsisnn_demo/
mbed compile -m DISCO_F746NG -t GCC_ARM --source . --source ../ML-examples/cmsisnn-cifar10/camera_demo/camera_app/ 

Copy the generated .bin file to the board, directly by dragging and dropping into the board that will appear as a USB device.

If these steps are successful, the board display will look like this:

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