Set up environment

The first step is to install the Arm Mbed CLI:

sudo pip install mbed-cli

Next, create the work space we will be using for the rest of the tutorial:

# In your <home> directory (cd ~)
mkdir CMSISNN_Webinar
cd CMSISNN_Webinar
# Create new Mbed project # The --mbedlib flag picks Mbed-os version 2.0 mbed new cmsisnn_demo --mbedlib 

If you are using the Mbed tools for the first time, install the Mbed CLI prerequisites as shown here, otherwise skip this step:

cd cmsisnn_demo/.temp/tools/
sudo pip install -r requirements.txt

You also need to install these tools:

sudo pip install jsonschema
sudo pip install pyelftools
sudo apt-get install mercurial
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