Start Streamline gatord on Pi

The Streamline gator daemon is a user space application that can be built using the Android NDK and the gator driver is a Linux kernel driver. 

To profile the example, you need to run gatord using sudo. It can be run without sudo, but the sample-based profiling information is not available and this is one of the interesting things to see for this application. The gator kernel module is not needed for this tutorial as gatord with sudo provides profiling with the Linux perf API.

Use NFS to copy the 32-bit gatord from DS-5 directly to the Pi using:

$ cp $DS5_HOME/sw/streamline/bin/arm/gatord /mnt

Then, ssh to the Pi and start the gator daemon:

$ sudo ./gatord 

Now that everything is set up, the next step is to look at the performance details of the graph_alexnet application.

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