Add more diskspace

The partition with the root filesystem is only 4 Gb. More disk space is required, so that another filesystem can be created on the user partition and mounted. We also recommend adding 4 Gb of swap space. The script $ sudo ./filesystem.shis in the HiKey 960 Linux home directory at $HOME/ This script will create another filesystem and the swap space. Read this script so that you understand it, and then run it to add the filesystem and swap space. 

Answer yes to create a new filesystem and the swap space. The result is a new filesystem mounted on $HOME/armnn-devenv. This filesystem has more space and a swap file at $HOME/armnn-devenv/swapfile.

For the rest of the project, do the work in $HOME/armnn-devenv to take advantage of this new space.

In the following sections of this guide, we will try a couple of applications on the HiKey 960 board: MNIST Draw and MNIST Demo.

The easiest way to build Arm NN and the software examples is on the HiKey 960 board. Download the repository and run the build script on the HiKey 960 board:

$ cd $HOME
$ git clone 
$ cd Tool-Solutions/ml-tool-examples/build-armnn/
$ ./

The build script will download and compile all of the software that is required for Arm NN. This download and compilation will take about 90 minutes to complete.

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