Flash the base firmware and OS

Recovery mode

First, put the board in recovery mode by setting the switches using the previous table. Connect the HiKey 960 board to your host machine via the USB-C (on the HiKey board) to the USB (on the host machine), and power it on. On the host machine, look in /dev/ for ttyUSB0 or ttyUSB1. The device node which appears after powering on the board is the one to use in the recovery procedure.

Run the recovery procedure using the recover.sh script. This procedure runs the hikey_idt Linux binary. First, copy all the files in flash-images/ to the tools-images-hikey960/ directory. Then run the recover.sh script with the device node the HiKey 960 board as the argument you can see in this code:

$ cp flash-images/* tools-images-hikey960/
$ cd tools-images-hikey960
$ ./recovery.sh /dev/ttyUSB0
Config name: config
Port name: /dev/ttyUSB0
0: Image: ./hisi-sec_usb_xloader.img Downalod Address: 0x20000
1: Image: ./hisi-sec_uce_boot.img Downalod Address: 0x6a908000
2: Image: ./hisi-sec_fastboot.img Downalod Address: 0x1ac00000
Serial port open successfully!
Start downloading ./hisi-sec_usb_xloader.img@0x20000...
file total size 99584
downlaod address 0x20000
Finish downloading
Start downloading ./hisi-sec_uce_boot.img@0x6a908000...
file total size 23680
downlaod address 0x6a908000
Finish downloading
Start downloading ./hisi-sec_fastboot.img@0x1ac00000...
file total size 3430400
downlaod address 0x1ac00000
Finish downloading
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