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Au-Zone Technologies

Au-Zone is a leading provider of development tools, enabling IP and engineering design services to accelerate the development and deployment of intelligent edge devices. Core technologies include DeepView ML Toolkit, embedded CV SDK and our Cascaded AI Cloud Platform.

The DeepView ML Toolkit is a graphical development environment specifically developed to help embedded engineers design, train and deploy Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) on embedded SoC platforms for mobile and IoT devices at the edge. With desktop support for Windows, Mac and Linux, the Toolkit enables developers to create and optimize the on target runtime performance of advanced ML solutions for challenging vision, voice and vibration applications.

DeepViewRT, the runtime Inference Engine is fully optimized for both Linux and Android environments with support for Arm Compute Library (Cortex-A/Mali) and CMSIS-NN (Cortex-M).


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