Silvia - Intelligence on Command (logo).

Cognitive Code Corporation

The SILVIA Intelligence Platform is the industry leading-edge solution for automated conversational interfaces. SILVIA allows you to create conversational output for a wide range of use cases in many different industries. This includes: web, mobile, applications, intelligent agents, AR and VR, Internet of Things, smart devices, and embedded chips and products.

Key features

  • Machine Learning and Natural Language Understanding.

  • SILVIA Studio content editor (no markup required) with built-in voice recorder.

  • SILVIA is proactive. She can ask questions and recall conversation.

  • SILVIA is multimedia intelligent. She can manage and present voice, text, images, video, and AR/VR.

  • SILVIA works without an internet connection. She is highly secure and supports on-premise use.

  • SILVIA supports IoT, embedded chips and devices, AR and VR, smart technologies, and networks.

  • SILVIA uses statistical Natural Language Processing (NLP), (patented). She does not use string matching and all NLP is handled on-device.

  • SILVIA is language independent (will be localized in 35 languages).

  • SILVIA works in web browsers (with a WebGL widget).

  • SILVIA has a small footprint. Her core AI only needs a few megabytes of space to run.

  • SILVIA is available as a server solution.


  • Mobile.

  • Automotive.

  • AR and VR.

  • Enterprise.

  • Entertainment.

  • IoT.

  • SoC.