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Enigma Pattern

Enigma Pattern is a dedicated Machine Learning services organization dedicated to helping customers use AI as practical solutions to their challenges. Enigma Pattern achieves this by using the most modern techniques such as transfer learning and capsule networks.

Enigma Pattern apply their in-house developed tools, platforms and techniques. As a group of engineers and engineering managers they are fascinated by machine learning and its possibilities. Based in the heart of Silicon Valley in San Jose, Enigma Pattern have access to the most up-to-date trends and methodologies. Enigma Pattern actively contribute to open source technologies with the ambition of influencing the direction of development and the establishment of future standards. Their Polish development center is their key strategy for scaling up and an efficient way to develop cutting edge IP, using the best available engineers and mathematicians. Enigma Pattern follow in a long tradition of Polish mathematical and computer expertise including the work on the Enigma encryption machine.


  • Automotive

  • Media and data

  • Voice networking