Next steps

In this guide, we developed an Android app that uses native C++ code to perform signal processing. Neon intrinsics can shorten the processing time significantly, especially for the thresholding with truncation. In our example, processing time was reduced to about 6% of the original processing time.

You will find Arm Neon intrinsics useful whenever your iterative code is independent, for example when subsequent iterations of the code do not depend on previous results. Popular open-source libraries like OpenCV already use Neon intrinsics to improve performance. For instance, the Carotene repository includes code based on Neon intrinsics that implements many image-processing algorithms. You can use this repository to gain more insights into how Neon intrinsics can be helpful for your projects.

This guide introduced the fundamental principles using Neon intrinsics with an Android-based device.

The next steps are to start using the Neon intrinsics in your own projects.

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