Arm IP for Advanced Research

Accessing the fully configurable (full RTL) Cortex-M0, Cortex-M3, or Cortex-A5 processors and their subsystems for academic research is straightforward. Please read the below key points of the access agreement before downloading.


Key aspects of the agreement:

  • The IP is for use by academics and for academic research only, including for generating/using course and teaching materials.
  • You may only use the IP to design and manufacture products that contain the Arm processor downloaded
  • You may manufacture and test up to 1,000 chips
  • You may use third parties to manufacture, package and test your integrated circuits. Note that some Arm products may include constraints on which third parties you can use
  • You may use the IP in FPGA development boards for internal use of evaluating your design or developing software applications
  • You may not modify the IP (other than as set out in the license)
  • You may not distribute the IP, your designs or manufactured integrated circuits to third parties
  • The results you generate may contain confidential information of Arm and hence you shall not disclose such information without Arm’s consent
  • By downloading and using the materials you are making a representation to Arm that you are an academic and that you accept the terms of the agreement, both personally and on behalf of the academic institution you represent.
  • The term of the agreement is 3 years

Please note that the above is not the license to Arm IP; you should read the full terms of the license before agreeing to it!

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