Computing for the Connected World

11-13 September 2017 | Robinson College, Cambridge, UK


Arm Research Summit 2017 On-Demand

This year we're bringing the Summit LIVE to your desk, living room or mobile smart device. This comprises all talks across the two auditoriums and the first two days of workshops.

Speakers have full discretion over whether their talk is broadcast, and with such a request the stream for that room will be temporarilly taken offline. We'll communicate such an instance in the YouTube live chat. Audience members will not be filmed.

To switch feeds when live, select the ‘Switch Camera’ icon (next to the cog) when hovering over the video. Mobile users – You’ll either need to switch to ‘request desktop site’ in your mobile browser settings or use a larger-screened device to view this option. The Main Auditorium live stream will display regardless of device by default.

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Monday 11 September
Tuesday 12 September
Wednesday 13 September
Morning Sessions
Afternoon Sessions


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