Computing for the Connected World

11-13 September 2017 | Robinson College, Cambridge, UK

Summit Speakers

Below you will find the confirmed speakers for this year's Arm Research Summit.

Talk Speakers

Speaker Affiliation Session Topic
Ryan Adams Google/Princeton University Internet of Things (IoT)
Ozgur Akan University of Cambridge Internet of Things (IoT)
Mohammed Al-Rawhani University of Glasgow Bio Technology
Christos D. Antonopoulos University of Thessaly Security and Reliability
Ross Anderson University of Cambridge Security
Koen Bertels Delft University of Technology Future Compute
Phillip Burr Arm Arm IP
Julian Chesterfield OnApp Ltd Servers
David Cock ETH Zurich Runtime Verification
Biagio Cosenza Technische Universität Berlin Large Scale Systems
Ravinder Dahiya University of Glasgow Next Generation Computing
Kerstin Eder University of Bristol High Performance Computing (HPC)
Steve Furber University of Manchester Machine Learning Hardware
Arnaud Furnemont imec Memory
Grigori Fursin dividiti Machine Learning
Raviv Gal IBM Research Security and Reliability
Carmen Garcia Almudever Delft University of Technology Future Compute
Erol Gelenbe Imperial College London Large Scale Systems
Vihar Georgiev University of Glasgow Future Compute
Dimitris Gizopoulos University of Athens Arm Servers
Mehdi Goli Codeplay Software Ltd Software & Systems
David Gregg University of Dublin Machine Learning
Boris Grot University of Edinburgh Memory
José-Miguel Hernández-Lobato University of Cambridge Machine Learning
Yoichi Hirai Ethereum Foundation Formal Verification
Koji Inoue Kyushu University Future Compute
Luke Iwanski Codeplay Software Ltd Software & Systems
Timothy M Jones University of Cambridge Architecture & Memory
Arpit Joshi University of Edinburgh Architecture
Yong-Kyu Jung Gannon University Security
Ulya Karpuzcu University of Minnesota Architecture
Stefanos Kaxiras Uppsala University Architecture
Christoph Kirsch University of Salzburg Software & Systems
Bhaskar Krishnamachari University of Southern California Internet of Things (IoT)
Rakesh Kumar University of Edinburgh Memory
Michele Magno ETH Zurich Internet of Things (IoT)
David McCann University of Cambridge Security
Jon McLoone Wolfram Research Machine Learning
Geoff Merrett University of Southampton Internet of Things (IoT)
Simon Moore University of Cambridge Security
Onur Mutlu ETH Zurich Memory
Kris Myny imec Future Compute
Vijay Nagarajan University of Edinburgh/td> Large Scale Systems
Ranjani Narayan Morphing Machines Architecture
Amit Pandey SoftBank Robotics Robotics
Gregory Parkes University of Southampton Memory
Michael Parkes Rockall Software Memory
Vasilis Pavlidis University of Manchester Next Generation Computing
Simon Peyton-Jones Microsoft Research/University of Cambridge Software & Systems
Themis Prodromakis University of Southampton Future Compute
Catherine Ramsdale PragmatIC Printing Next Generation Computing
Yordan Raykov Aston University Internet of Things
Ruyman Reyes Castro Codeplay Software Ltd Software & Systems
Timothy Roscoe ETH Zurich Servers
Alasdair Russell Cancer Research UK Bio Tech
Onur Sahin Boston University Security and Reliability
Jae-Sun Seo Arizona State University Machine Learning Hardware
Mingoo Seok Columbia University Internet of Things (IoT)
Simha Sethumadhavan Columbia University Security
Aviral Shrivastava Arizona State University Software & Systems
Jan Siebert University of Glasgow Machine Learning
Jeremy Singer University of Glasgow Arm Servers
Orkun Soyer University of Warwick Biotechnology
Phillip Stanley-Marbell University of Cambridge Internet of Things (IoT)
Bernard Stark University of Bristol Internet of Things (IoT) Hardware
Olly Stephens Arm High Performance Computing (HPC)
Phil Trinder University of Glasgow Software & Systems
Wim Vanderbauwhede University of Glasgow Security
Janos Vegh University of Miskolc Software & Systems
Marian Verhelst University of Leuven Machine Learning
Emanuele Vespa Imperial College London Machine Learning
Duo Wang University of Cambridge Machine Learning
Pete Warden Google Machine Learning
Robert Watson University of Cambridge Security
Paul Whatmough Arm/Harvard University Machine Learning
David Wood University of Wisconsin Memory
Poonam Yadav University of Cambridge Security
Alex Yakovlev University of Newcastle Internet of Things (IoT)
Seehwan Yoo Dankook University Security and Reliability
Noa Zilberman University of Cambridge Large Scale Systems
Kevin Zhou University of Cambridge Software & Systems



Workshop Speakers

Speaker Affiliation Workshop
Mario Badr University of Toronto gem5
Sascha Bischoff Arm gem5
Koen de Bosschere Philips Collaborative Research Projects
Andreas Brokalakis Synelixis Solutions Ltd gem5
Florent Bruguier University of Montpellier gem5
Anastasiia Butko Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) gem5
Denis Dutoit CEA-Leti Collaborative Research Projects
Radhika Jagtap Arm gem5
Matthias Jung Fraunhoefer IESE gem5
Georgios Karakonstantis Queen's University Belfast Collaborative Research Projects
Tushar Krishna Georgia Tech gem5
Jason Lowe-Power University of California gem5
Tim Llewellynn Nviso Collaborative Research Projects
Christian Mernard TU Dresden gem5
Geoff Merret University of Southampton gem5
Alejandro Nocua French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) gem5
Mario Porrmann Bielefeld University Collaborative Research Projects
Professor Donald Reay Heriot-Watt University Teaching Hands-on DSP
Dr. Gilles Sassatelli French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS)/University of Montpellier gem5
Boris Shingarov Labware gem5
Henk Stevens Philips Collaborative Research Projects
Dr. Matthew Swabey Purdue University VSLI Design Foundation Flow around Arm Cortex-M0
Nikolaos Tampouratzis Technical University of Crete gem5
Ashkan Tousi Arm gem5
Anouk Van Laer Arm gem5
Etienne Walter ATOS-Bull Collaborative Research Projects



Poster Speakers

Author Poster Title
Reto Achemann Formalizing Address Spaces and Interrupts: Towards Verified Configuration
Mert Atamaner Detecting Errors in Instructions with Bloom Filters
Domenico Balsamo, Geoff Merrett Arm mbed Ecosystem Support for Transient Computing in Energy Harvesting Embedded Systems
Koldo Basterretxea Hardware Accelerators for Machine Learning and their Integration in SoC
Catalina Cangea Cross-Modality for Audio-Visual Classification
Jose Cano HW/SW Co-designed Processors: Challenges, Design Choices and a Simulation Infrastructure for Evaluation
Omar Costilla Reyes Analysis of Multimodal Human-generated Sensor Data: A Deep Learning Approach for Early Detection of Dementia
Mehdi Goli Adding OpenCL to SYCL
Zacharias Hadjilambrou Making the Most out of SMT for Latency Sensitive Workloads
Yildiran Yalmaz Security Protocols For Resource Constrained Devices
Wesam Ibraheem Post-Silicon Validation and Emulation-Based Validation
Dan Iorga Real-Time Safety-Critical Software on Multi-Core Processors
Grigorios Kalogiannis Intellectual Properties (IPs) Integration on System on Chip (SoC) used to Control Passive Motion Rehabilitation Devices with Brain Signals
Yen Liu Eliminating Test Time (&s; Test Cost) with Full Autonomous Self-Test (FAST)
Long Lu Shreds: Fine-Grained Execution Units with Private Memory
Mike Lui Modular and Architecture-Agnostic Characterization of Modern Applications
Robert Lyerly Secure Popcorn: Using Machine Boundaries to Harden Applications
Artemiy Margaritov Stretch: Balancing QoS and Throughput for Colocated Server Workloads on SMT Cores
Mario Marino Towards Miniaturization of MRI equipments in Embedded Systems with Free Software
Mario Marino Flexicos: Flexible Configurable Scalable Optical-based Distributed Shared Memory of MPSoC
Francesco Mazzei Architecture-Open Power Modelling for Concurrent Applications
Simon Moll Outer-loop Vectorization for LLVM-SVE
Anastassios Nanos System-level Support for Heterogeneous Architectures/td>
Ranjani Narayan A Multiscale Modelling of Modern Multicore and Multi-accelerator Heterogeneous Systems
Ranjani Narayan WCET Analysis of Reactive Applications on REDEFINE®TM MP-SoC
Vsevolod Nikolskii Methods for Simple Benchmarks of Floating Point Performance: Armv8 vs x86_64
Jose Nunez-Yanez Simultaneous Multiprocessing in a Software-Defined Heterogeneous Chip
Kevin Pedretti Vanguard: Maturing the Arm Software Ecosystem for U.S. DOE Supercomputing
Roshen Pabari Reducing the Energy Consumption of Mobile Applications through Software Design
Crefeda Rodrigues Energy Profiling of Deep Convolutional Neural Networks on the Jetson TX1
Rishad Shafik Adaptive Approximate Computing
Avril Shrivastava, Kyoungwoo Lee Software Approaches for Soft Errors
Ganesan Subramanian, Arumugaselvi Murugan Implementation of Random Linear Network Coding for Internet of Things Security using ThunderX Arm Processors
Ofogh Tizno Room-temperature Characteristics of a Novel, Non-volatile, Memory Device Based on InAs/AlSb/GaSb Heterostructures
Carsten Tradowsky Competence Center for IT Security
Benjamin Trevett Correcting Errors in Programs Using Semantic Understanding
Janos Vegh Why Build Processors from Cooperative rather than Segregated Many-cores? And HOW it can be done
Theodoros D. Verykios Selective Policies for Efficient State Retention in Energy Harvesting Systems: Exploiting Properties of NVM Technologies
Philipp Wagner SoCing News: Hide and Seek Not Liked By Software Developers
Matthew Walker Thermal-Aware Run-Time Power Modelling on Mobile CPUs
Bill Williams Dynist Family of Binary Tools for the ArmV8 Architecture
Willy Wolff It's Too Warm Here
Samuel Xavier de Souza The Energy Consumption Benefits of DynamIQ for Heterogeneous Parallel Workloads


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