Hardware design services


Arm Hardware Design Services build validated, secure subsystems that meet your requirements.

  • Use existing Arm technologies to enable rapid deployment of subsystems.
  • Enable Arm IP Deployment whenever end node design happens.
  • Promote Arm expertise as the de facto way to arrive at solutions more quickly.

How do we do this?

IP Customization

Modifications to Arm Cores and System IP to fit your requirements.

Case Study

Arm Processors

Mixed Signal IoT device

  • A Sensor company wanted a custom ASIC single chip with Arm’s Cordio Radio and Sensors
  • Arm developed verified RTL and produced GSDII with a Cortex-M3 subsystem and embedded Flash using TSMC ULP55
  • Arm and its ecosystem partners was able to reduce the typical Design NRE by 4-5x using pre-built IoT subsystems
  • Getting a mixed-signal device first time right is imperative and Arm and its ecosystem partners leveraged years of know-how and experience to achieve that

Arm also offers various Design Reviews, an expert review service to help optimize your Arm designs and reduce risk.

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