Arm processor security update downloads

Updated on 19/May/2021

This page provides download links to important resources, such as whitepapers and mitigation specifications, related to the Arm processor security update. 

Cache Speculation Side-channels whitepaper

This whitepaper looks at the susceptibility of Arm implementations following recent research findings from security researchers at Google on new potential cache timing side-channels exploiting processor speculation. This paper also outlines possible mitigations that can be employed for software designed to run on existing Arm processors.


Straight-line speculation whitepaper

This whitepaper documents the possibilities for a processor to speculatively execute the instructions immediately following what should be a change in control flow, and the mitigations recommended by Arm. This concept has been named Straight-line Speculation.


Arm v8.5-A and Armv9 CPU updates

This guide details the features added to the Arm v8.5-A and Armv9 architecture which address the Spectre and Meltdown security issues.


Addressing Spectre Variant 1 (CVE-2017-5753) in software

This whitepaper provides a brief overview of the original Spectre Variant 1 attack and discusses some practical mitigation techniques that can be applied.


Firmware interfaces for mitigating cache speculation vulnerabilities 

System Software on Arm systems

CVE-2017-5715, also known as Spectre variant 2, is a vulnerability in some Arm CPU designs that might allow an attacker to control the speculative execution flow within a victim execution context and disclose data that is architecturally inaccessible to the attacker. CVE-2018-3639, also known as variant 4, is a vulnerability in some Arm CPU designs that might allow a speculative read of a memory location to read a data value from before the most recent write to that memory location.


Software implications for Spectre/Meltdown on Arm cores

This guide offers a high-level overview of the software impact and mitigations for the exploits known as Spectre and Meltdown.


Arm Trusted Firmware exposure to speculative processor vulnerabilities

Description of Arm Trusted Firmware status and workarounds.


Cache Speculation Side-channels Linux Kernel Mitigations

Description of Cache Speculation Side-channels Linux kernel mitigations.