Arm Processor Security Update Downloads

Updated on 09/Mar/2018

This page provides download links to important resources, such as whitepapers and mitigation specifications, related to the Arm processor security update. 

Cache Speculation Side-channels Whitepaper

This whitepaper looks at the susceptibility of Arm implementations following recent research findings from security researchers at Google on new potential cache timing side-channels exploiting processor speculation. This paper also outlines possible mitigations that can be employed for software designed to run on existing Arm processors.


Firmware interfaces for mitigating CVE-2017-5715 System Software on Arm Systems

This specification defines additional services that should be provided by firmware on systems with affected CPUs which enables operating system and hypervisor software to apply appropriate workarounds for CVE-2017-5715, and to discover the presence of this firmware service.


Software implications for Spectre/Meltdown on Arm Cores

This guide offers a high-level overview of the software impact and mitigations for the exploits known as Spectre and Meltdown.


Arm Trusted Firmware exposure to speculative processor vulnerabilities

Description of Arm Trusted Firmware status and workarounds.


Cache Speculation Side-channels Linux Kernel Mitigations

Description of Cache Speculation Side-channels Linux kernel mitigations.