Arm support case management has changed

Arm partners with a support contract can now sign in, submit, and manage technical support cases on our new
support case management service. Consolidating the support space into the new service platform means you can
get the support you need more quickly and efficiently.

See below for answers to some frequently asked questions about the new service.

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Frequently asked questions about our new support case management service

Can I access cases opened in the old system?

Cases opened after November 2016 have been migrated to the new support case management service but please note the following:

  • Although all open cases can be viewed and updated, cases closed prior to the launch of the new service may have some information missing. We are working to make this information available in the coming weeks.
  • At this stage, no attachments are available by default. Please raise a new support case to have attachments retrieved if required.
Cases opened up to and including November 2016 will be made available over the coming months as part of the full transition to the new service. Please raise a new support case to obtain information from older cases if required.

Can I reopen closed or canceled cases?

Closed or canceled cases cannot be reopened using the web interface. Please open a new case to continue to receive support for your issue.

Can I add watchers to my cases?

You can add other members of your organization to a case as ‘Watchers’, and these Watchers will receive notifications when the case is updated. If you add a Watcher using email CC, this is synchronized with You can also add people from outside of your organization as Watchers. Multiple Watchers can be added using a comma delimiter. Once added as Watchers and registered with Arm, you and your colleagues can change your notification preferences between "Full email text", "Notification Only" and "No Update". 
Note: Once watchers are added, 'Update Case' will need to be clicked in order to finalize the addition.

How can I access cases I am watching?

If you are not registered to access the support case management service, register here. You can view cases you have been added as a watcher to using the My watched cases button on My cases. For security, only the case creator can request watchers to be added to their cases.

How do I update my user profile and contact preferences?

If you would like to update your profile information or contact preferences, please visit the profile and settings pages on (login required). You can update your email address and other profile fields, change your password, and manage the notifications your receive for support cases.

Can I search for cases by the old case reference?

No, you cannot search for cases using the old-style case reference. When searching for older cases, use the full case ID (i.e. CAS-12345-X0NPZ) or partial case ID match (*12345). you can also search by product or case title.

How can I provide feedback on the new support service?

Please use the feedback button on the web interface page. When providing feedback about individual cases, please include the case number in your feedback. Please also provide contact details if you would like a direct response.

Why can't I attach files when I raise a new support case?

At present, attachments cannot be added while opening a new support case. To add an attachment, open a new case first then add the attachment to the open case. The ability to add attachments when first opening a new support case will be available in the coming weeks.

Is my file too big to attach to an open case?

Individual attachments cannot be larger than 128MB. If you need to add a single attachment larger than 128MB, please open a support case indicating that you need to send us a larger file.

When receiving case update notifications, why do I only see a link to my case and not the update text?

For security, case update notification emails contain only a link to your case by default. If you prefer to see the text of the case update on your update notification emails, please ask your support engineer to enable this.