What happens when you open a support case?

Support case flow

If you are thinking of raising a support case or if you have already raised one, what happens next?

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There are five stages in the support case flow, from when you initially raise a case to when we close your case after it has been solved.

Step 1. Open a new support case

 When you open a new case, we ask you to provide:

  • The Arm product(s) that you are using.
  • A clear description of your issue including:
    • The steps required to replicate it.
    • Important background information.
    • The ticket numbers of any other existing cases that are relevent to the new case.
    • Supporting files as attachments. For example, screen-shots or code files.

When we receive your case, you will receive a confirmation email.

Step 2. Entitlement checking

Your new case will go through an entitlement check. This is to ensure that you have the appropriate licences for the Arm products that you are using. This is normally an automatic process.

However, to ensure this goes smoothly please make sure to include accurate information in your profile, including your company name and work email address. For cases relating to Arm’s SW tools, for example, Arm DS-5, please provide your serial number if available.

Step 3. Application engineer investigates and responds

We aim to answer your query as soon as possible. Your case is assigned to an Application Engineer who is an expert on the topic of your query. To aid any investigations, your Application Engineer may liaise with our product design teams. These teams can offer further in-depth knowledge of the IP that can help resolve your case. We aim to answer your query as soon as possible. You will receive an email for each conversation, and you can check the case progress online.

Step 4. Waiting for fixes or customer response

In cases where we need to raise internal requests to our product design teams for tracking product fixes and enhancement, additional time may be required to complete these.

During our investigation we may contact you to request additional information. 

Step 5. Case solved and closed

Please close the case once it is resolved. When you feel your case has been resolved you can mark it as closed in the Support Hub.

Alternatively, if the Application Engineer assesses that your questions have been answered, your case will automatically close after 14 days. You will receive a notification that this will happen 7 days before closure. If at any point in this period you have further questions, please reply to any of the emails about this case or update the case in the Support Hub. The Application Engineer will then answer your queries.

You are able to reopen a closed case by replying to any of the email notifications which you received from Arm or by clicking ‘Reopen case’ on the case page on the Support Hub. An email will be sent to notify you that your case has been reopened.