What information should I provide when raising a support case?

Ensure that you provide as much detail as possible when raising a new support case. This helps us answer your case promptly and avoid the need to ask for further clarification. The following information provides some more specific guidance regarding what to provide for cases relating to different Arm products.

For general software-related cases
For cases relating to Arm Mali software
For cases relating to hardware IP (for example, RTL and DSM products)
For cases relating to IP tooling (Socrates)

Use the Critical/Urgent/Normal options on the case raising form. Definitions are as follows: 

  • Critical: production stop issue or an issue that impacts the performance of a production device or system.
  • Urgent: significant impending impact to your schedule.
  • Normal: standard support question with no or low immediate impact to your schedule.

Provide a detailed description of your request, with the following information when possible:

  • Product name and version
  • OS platform
  • Error messages and steps to reproduce the issue, for example command lines or test code.

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For cases relating to Arm Mali software

Provide the following information:

  • About the test
    • What application are you running?
    • Can you provide a binary of the test?
    • Can you provide the source code of the test?

  • About the problem
    • Can you provide a full serial log and the logcat?
    • Can you tell us the steps that are required to reproduce the issue?
    • Does it occur consistently when following these steps, or is there an element of randomness?
    • How long did the test run?
    • How many devices has this occurred on?

  • About the Software Platform
    • What is the Linux version, or the Android version?
    • Is this a 64-bit or 32-bit kernel?
    • Is the user space 64-bit or 32-bit?
    • What is the Mali DDK version?
    • Has any patch been applied?

  • About the Hardware
    • Platform type and name
    • Process node (for example, nm, FinFET, LP)
    • Bundle numbers for the Arm components, including CPU, GPU and bus system if applicable.
    • System schematic diagram for Arm IP
    • GPU IP configuration, for example, the number of cores and the size of L2 Cache.
    • GPU frequency/range used for test (MHz)
    • CPU IP configuration, for example, the number of cores and the size of L2 Cache.
    • CPU frequency/range used for test (GHz)
    • Memory frequency/range used for test (MHz)
    • Screen resolution
    • System memory size
    • The test report of running Integration Kit tests in the SoC
    • Were design rule checks (DRC) executed to 100%?
    • Did you achieve full timing closure for this silicon?

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For cases relating to hardware IP (for example, RTL and DSM products)

  • State clearly in the summary which Arm products your issue relates to and which IP revisions you are using.
  • If the issue or question relates to system integration, provide us with details of the other components in the system, for example, CPU or interconnect.
  • If the issue or question is about the verification or test vectors, provide the verification purpose, for example, functional testing, performance testing or power testing.
  • Where appropriate, consider uploading a waveform file to your case (VCD or FSDB are fine). This helps us investigate in more detail. While we welcome all inputs, an actual waveform file is much more useful than screenshots of a waveform viewer.
  • For issues during simulation or emulation of Arm processors, provide the TARMAC instruction trace log.

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For cases relating to IP tooling (Socrates)

  • Make sure that you are using the newest release of Socrates.
  • Make sure that the health checker does not report any errors.
    The script can be run from the following location:
    If the health checker reports any issues, copy the report of the script to the ticket.
  • Describe the operating system that you are using. Supported operating systems are listed in the release note.
  • Describe the design flow that you are using:
    • System Builder (IP Catalog, system integration, deliverables)
    • CoreSight SoC-400 design flow
    • NIC-400 design flow
    • CMN-600 design flow
  • Copy any error messages, and attach all files regarding your issue.
  • Licensing: attach license dat and log files
  • Tool usage: attach your Project

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