The AMBA Bus Architecture and Protocols

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This course forms a comprehensive introduction to the popular AMBA AXI4 on-chip interconnect protocol. It describes the main features of the protocol, together with a number of typical use cases.

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  • A working knowledge of system-on-chip design


The course is aimed at Hardware and Software Engineers needing to get an overview of the features, capability and application of the AMBA AXI4 protocol.

Delivery Method:

  • Online


  • 1 hour


  1. AMBA evolution and AXI protocol overview
    • What is AMBA and why use it?
    • How has AMBA evolved?
    • The AXI protocol
    • The AXI protocol in multi-master system design
    • AXI channels
  2. Channel transfers and transactions
    • Main AXI features
    • Channel handshake
    • The difference between transfers and transactions
    • Examples of channel transfers
    • Write transaction behavior - single data item
    • Write transaction behavior - multiple data items
    • Read transaction behavior - single data item
    • Read transaction behavior - multiple data items
    • Active transactions
  3. Channel signals in detail
    • Data size, length, and burst type
    • Protection level support
    • Cache support
    • Response signalling
    • Write data strobes
    • Atomic accesses with the lock signal
    • Quality of service
    • Region signalling and user signals
    • AXI channel dependencies
    • Read channel signals
    • Write channel signals
  4. Atomic accesses
    • Two types of atomic access
    • Locked access overview
    • Locked access operation
    • Exclusive access overview
    • Exclusive access hardware monitor operation
    • Exclusive transaction pairs - pass/pass
    • Exclusive transaction pairs - pass/fail
  5. Transfer behavior and transaction ordering 
    • Examples of simple transactions
    • Transfer IDs
    • Write transaction ordering rules
    • Read transaction ordering rules
    • Read and write channel ordering
    • Unaligned transfer start address
    • Endianess support
    • Write interface attriubutes
    • Read interface attributes

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