Arm CoreLink CMN and AMBA CHI

  • Delivery method: Face-to-face (Private)

  • Location: Any location

  • Course Length: 3 days

  • Technology Focus: Hardware

  • Cost: Contact us for pricing

  • Provider: Arm



CMN (Coherent Mesh Network) is Arm’s family of CHI-based interconnects supporting hardware cache coherency. This course is customized to cover the specific CMN product of choice.

At the end of this course, delegates will be able to

  • Apply CHI knowledge to various system design decisions
  • Debug CMN simulations
  • Develop code for CMN address map programming
  • Locate and use debug and trace resources available on CMN
  • Integrate CMN products in a SoC


  • Experience with coherent bus protocols and/or interconnects is helpful although not required
  • Basic understanding of Arm architecture memory types is helpful although not required


  • Memory subsystem architects
  • SoC integration engineers
  • SoC Verification engineers


3 days


AMBA CHI protocol detailed overview

  • CHI protocol fundamentals
  • Transaction flows
  • DVM operations
  • Atomics overview
  • Cache stashing
  • Direct Memory Transfer (DMT) and Direct Cache Transfer (DCT) IO Deallocation
  • RAS features
  • MPAM
  • MTE

CMN Hardware

  • Overview
  • Cache coherency
  • System Address Map
  • Initialization
  • Error Handling
  • Debug, Trace and PMU
  • Cross-chip support
  • QoS features
  • ACE-Lite Integration

Socrates CMN Creation

  • Socrates overview
  • CMN Creation Flow

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