Arm Cortex processor behaviors - online training

  • Delivery method: Online video

  • Location: Online

  • Course Length: 1 Day

  • Technology Focus: Hardware

  • Cost: $99

  • Related products: Cortex-A, Cortex-R, Cortex-M

  • Provider: Arm



This course provides a comprehensive overview of key characteristics and behaviours of Cortex A, R, and M processors. It explains how these traits exploit the rules of the Arm architecture to improve efficiency and performance.

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  • Introductory knowledge of either the A, R, or M profile of the Arm architecture.


The course is aimed at Hardware Engineers needing an understanding processor signal behaviors. The course will also benefit software and implementation engineers.

Delivery Method:

  • Online


  • 1 hour


  1. Introduction
    • Topic overview
    • Simple Sequential Model
  2. Instruction fetching optimizations 
    • Intro to instruction fetching optimizations
    • Branch prediction overview
    • Branch prediction method (return stack)
    • Branch prediction method (conditional branch prediction)
    • Effects of branch prediction
  3. Data processing optimizations
    • Data processing optimizations - overview
    • Multiple execution pipelines
    • Speculative execution
    • Register dependencies
    • Cortex-A, R, and M interrupt behaviors
  4. Data memory access optimizations
    • Data memory access optimizations - overview
    • Caching (cache eviction)
    • Caching (cache pre-fetching performance
    • Caching (cache maintenance - multi-caching)
    • Merging
    • Re-ordering overview
    • Re-ordering commands
    • ISB and DSB example
    • Barriers and speculative access
  5. Summary
    • Cortex-A summary
    • Cortex-R summary
    • Cortex-M summary

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